"Morgan's Vision"

Prevent and Prepare

The goal of “Morgan’s Vision”® is to pre-plan searches in assisted living facilities to save precious time when a person, suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia goes missing.  Understanding lost person behavior and being familiar with most likely scenarios, gives staff and families an advantage when someone initially wanders off and increases the chances of them being found and returned safely to the care that is needed. Our ambition is to challenge every K9 search and rescue team in the nation to set up pre-planned searches with their local assisted living and Alzheimer’s facilities.  


"Watch, Whistle, and Wait"



"Watch, Whistle & Wait”®  program teaches survival skills to children who might become lost.  We teach children how to make a sign with their shoe print and teach them how to make a nest and wait for help.  It features the video, “Lost but Found, Safe & Sound”, showing a little girl who got separated from parents while camping and an Australian Shepherd Search and Rescue dog coming in to rescue her in the morning.  We bring in our vested K9s and teach them how to care for pets normally and also during disaster times. To date we have taught over 3000 children this program and are sure it will save a life one day! 

"K9 Guardians of the Heart"


Emotional Support

 K-9 Guardians of the Heart” program deals with specially trained therapy K9s that provide comfort, companionship and unconditional love to the families of the missing, the elderly, those afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease, children with terminal illnesses, persons in Assisted Living facilities, and of course our Wounded Warriors.  They are truly guardians of those frail hearts with whom they come in contact.